Our governing body

Our governing body includes experienced GPs, a nurse director, other healthcare professionals, lay members, senior NHS managers and a patient representative. You can read profiles of governing body members below. 

Joint governing body meetings

We now meet jointly with our other two CCG governing bodies in BHR, in public, four or five times a year to review our own performance as well as that of our main providers and to plan, discuss and make decisions about local health services and how we can best improve them for the benefit of patients and the public. At the meeting we receive reports from our chair, our chief officer, directors and lay members as appropriate.

We also have a slot for the public to ask us questions about local healthcare and our priorities. We ask that anyone wishing to submit questions lets us know in advance so we can gather all the information we might need to help us answer fully.  If you would like to ask the Governing Body a question at a Governing Body meeting, please contact annemarie.keliris@nhs.net seven days before the meeting.

Dr Aggarwal  - Chair

Dr Atul Aggarwal - Chair

Dr Aggarwal is a GP partner at Maylands Surgery in Hornchurch. He trained at the University of Wales’ College of Medicine and has worked in the NHS since 1988. He has a special interest in diabetes.

Dr Ann Baldwin -   Clinical Director

Dr Ann Baldwin - Clinical director

Dr Baldwin is a GP partner at the Central Park Surgery in the Harold Hill Health Centre in Romford and she trained at Lady Harding Medical College in New Delhi, India. She is also vice chair of the Havering, Barking and Dagenham Local Medical Committee. 

She has a special interest in rheumatology and diabetes, and set-up a community consultant-led diabetes service in Havering, which was showcased to the Canadian healthcare team as highly successful integrated way of working.

In her role as a clinical director, Dr Baldwin is a lead for diabetes, primary care, quality improvement, GP networks and locality development.

In her spare time, Dr Baldwin enjoys cooking and going to the gym.

Dr Maurice Sanomi - Clinical Director

Dr Maurice Sanomi - Clinical director

Dr Sanomi is a GP at the Rush Green Medical Centre in Romford. He has worked in the NHS since 1991 and has been a GP since 2000.  

Before moving into general practice, Dr Sanomi worked in a number of hospitals, including as an ear, nose and throat (ENT) surgery registrar, and he is now an ENT tutor.  

Dr Sanomi has a special interest in cancer and is the CCG’s planned care cancer lead. In his role as a clinical director, he aspires to improve healthcare commissioning and delivery for local people. 

In his spare time, Dr Sanomi enjoys writing, travelling and going on family outings.


Dr Alex Tran  -  Clinical Director

Dr Alex Tran - Clinical director

Dr Tran works as a GP for Hornchurch Healthcare. Before becoming a GP he worked in hospitals in the UK and America. He is the GP lead for the North East London Cancer Network and has a special interest in the early diagnosis of cancer and in minor surgery.







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