World Mental Health Day: free support available

06 October 2017

Workplace wellbeing is in the spotlight on Tuesday, 10 October for World Mental Health Day, with GPs in NHS Havering Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) urging residents to seek immediate help for any work-related mental health condition.

In the UK, an estimated one in six people in the workplace experience a mental health condition such as stress, anxiety or depression.

However, workers in Havering are not alone, as support is always available through Talking Therapies – a free, confidential and professional NHS service focused on helping people feel better.

Talking Therapies is staffed by a specialist team, experienced in advising on effective tools and techniques proven to help alleviate suffering. There is no need to see a GP; just visit or call 0300 300 1554 for more information or to speak to the team.

Local GP and Chair of NHS Havering Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Dr Atul Aggarwal, said:

“This year’s World Mental Health Day aims to promote wellbeing in the workplace, through raising awareness of the signs of pressure and the help that’s available for those feeling the strain.

“In Havering, Talking Therapies is always on hand to provide an outlet for people suffering work-related anxiety, stress or depression. Sharing feelings, fears and concerns can provide important relief and reinforce that fact that those with mental health conditions are not alone – your NHS will work tirelessly to help.”

Find out more about the free support available if you're struggling to cope with work stress, or money worries.