Individual funding requests

This information is for GPs and acute colleagues. All individual funding request (IFR) applications need to clearly show that patient consent has been obtained.  If the IFR team cannot see that patient consent has been provided, they are unable to log the request and cannot review the request against the relevant policies. 

Please see the current IFR application form and PoLCE policy. Clinicians should disregard any previous versions you may hold and make sure you use this form from now on. From 1 November 2014, any applications submitted on old forms or without evidence of patient consent will be returned and will not be actioned by the IFR team.

The PoLCV policy sets out treatments that are assessed to have limited clinical value and may require an IFR application or prior approval. As of the 1 November 2019 the PoLCV policy is replaced by the Evidence Based Interventions (EBI) Policy.

The EBI policy details 33 procedures that will require an IFR application and another 34 that have specific criteria that requires prior approval.

Please share this information to other colleagues who are responsible for completing these forms. The IFR team can be contacted on 020 3688 1290 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) with any queries.

Page last updated 09 September 2020