Blood testing services across BHR

16 July 2020

As blood testing services across BHR have been reduced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, many patients have been unable to book a blood testing appointment. 

Your local NHS is aware of this issue and working with local hospital and community providers to ensure this issue is resolved and patients are able to book their appointments online or by phone. 

Both Queen’s and King George Hospitals have been providing a service for inpatients, oncology, haematology, children under 12 and a small number of other patients whose treatment is ongoing and reliant on blood testing, but there has been a limited service available in the community which had an impact on availability in the community.  

The community blood testing services is as safe as it can be for patients and staff, and adheres to strict infection control guidance and follows social distancing requirements. The have been able to continue providing blood testing services, both urgent and routine testing, throughout the pandemic, but at significantly reduced sites.

See here for service locations and opening hours.