Online counselling improves local teenagers’ mental health

06 February 2018

It’s not easy being a teenager and it can be hard to open up to someone about how you’re feeling. But a free, safe and anonymous online counselling is helping young people in Havering feel happier.

This Children’s Mental Health Week (5-11 February) the local NHS is encouraging people to improve their mental health, by talking to someone about their feelings.

Whether teenagers are struggling to cope with bullying, feeling lonely, down, lost, angry, upset or confused, Kooth the online counselling service, is being used by teenagers across Havering to get help.

Young people have said the online counsellors make them feel understood and supported. They like that they can talk online rather than in person and that their privacy is guaranteed. Almost 80% of the young people who registered are using it regularly, and nearly 90% of those that have used it said they would recommend it to a friend:

“I was nervous at first, but chatting anonymously online seemed like an easy way to get help.”

"I honestly don't think I would have become the girl I am today without your help."

"I can finally talk to someone. You've made me confident and happy about myself.”

"Thank you for everything you and the team have done for me. I finally know who I am."

Dr Raj Kumar, mental health clinical lead for Havering Clinical Commissioning Group said:

“We want to help our teenagers understand how to lead healthy lives, and an essential part of this is understanding how to manage feelings.

“Talking about your emotions as a teenager is really important to help you manage your mental health as an adult.

“If you’re worried about your teenager but they won’t open up to you, try recommending Kooth to them as they often find it easier to talk to someone who is independent.”

Kooth is funded by Havering Clinical Commissioning Group and is being piloted in Havering.