Your local A&Es are very busy - choose the right NHS service and help us to help you

11 December 2020

Covid-19 cases in north east London continue to rise and our hospitals are under huge pressure.

Right now, we also have a very large number of patients in our A&E departments at Queen’s and King George Hospitals, putting significant pressure on health services across the area. Your local NHS needs your help so we can be here to help you.

Please do not come to A&E unless it is absolutely necessary. Our A&Es are for the most unwell patients so they can receive the urgent treatment they need for life threatening emergencies only.

If you require urgent medical advice or are unsure of where you should go for treatment, don’t hesitate to call 111 – they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can help you. 

Remember, Covid-19 is still a devastating disease. Please, for your family, friends, for yourself and for the NHS:

  • Hands. Face. Space. Ventilate.
  • Avoid close, enclosed, crowded spaces
  • Self-isolate and get tested if symptomatic
  • Follow the Tier guidelines

Remember: the actions you take today will determine how safe and healthy you, your family and friends are over the Christmas holidays.